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Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Software

Developer: Xeifrank

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Software

MLB Mock Draft Introduction / Download
March 03, 2007

2007 Mock Draft Software ... Version 3.02

Take the challenge! Try to outdraft the computer. Enter your own projections or use the ones that come with the program. Use any drafting strategy you like. Either way, I bet you have trouble outdrafting the computer.

It is free, but I do take donations from Paypal, see the link above. Geared towards Yahoo style leagues, you can run your mock draft order snake, flat or out of order. It comes complete with 2007 player projections, which are totally customizeable. The projections are a combination of ZIPS, CHONE, Marcel and a few minor tweeks done by myself. Some of the projection systems are better than others at certain aspects. The projections are just something to get you started, I am not in the business of giving accurate projections but I try my best. The software comes with a utility you can use to modify the projections, so please don't criticize my projections as you can easily modify them. You can also configure the number of teams, the positions you use when you do your mock draft. Pit yourself against the computer, or against other real draftees, or just watch the computer draft for each team. You can even set their intelligence level to different settings. As each player is drafted, the standings update in real-time. After you draft atleast one hitter and one starting pitcher, the computer gives you advice on which player would move you up the most in the standings. It's a great way to fill a weakness in your team. The software updates rosters, shows you the best player remaining at each position, sorted by any of the 10 categories. This is a must have. You can save off a partially completed draft and load it again at a later time. It's fast and easy to use, you can even use it in your live draft after some practice. And I'm always available for questions.

Download and run the setup.exe file and the program will self install on your computer.

MLB Mock Draft Setup File, Version 3.02 (last update: 02-MAR-2007)

Recent Upgrades

  • You can now select either a 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 league and there are many categories to choose from.
  • Added a feature that allows you to import your Yahoo draft results and have the program project your standings based off of your draft results. See the help/faq section for help on how to do this.
  • Updated aveage ESPN average draft position rankings. You can now use the ESPN average draft ranking positions as your player value.
  • Added batting average field to edit database utility

  • Added menu option and utility that allows you to modify player projections. Tools->Edit Player Database.

  • You can now draft players out of order. Use this feature after you drafted a team and then let the computer draft the rest of your league, it can give you a good idea on your team strengths and weaknesses.

  • Added option to count bench player stats in projected standings

  • Added option for computer to draft similiar to how the average live draft results from ESPN drafts.

  • New feature allows you to draft players from the 'Advice Tab'

  • New feature which allows you to weight how each team drafted by the computer values pitchers vs hitters. Click on the 'Select Team Tab' and adjust the slider bar to make a team more likely to draft pitching or hitting.

  • New 'hotkeys'... F1 - Start/Stop Draft, F2 - Speed Draft, F3 - Toggle, Comuter Rankings/ESPN Rankings.
  • Can increase bench size to 10 players.
  • Extra hitting and pitching categories (OBP, SLG, OPS, Holds)

Wish list...

  • Points leagues
  • Improved algorithm for predicting totals needed to win categories.

If you run into any troubles with the installation don't hesitate to email me. One of the most common problems is people having sensitve operating systems that won't install and register the ActiveX components. If you run into this problem, you can download them here, and follow these instructions.


First copy the file to a place you do not plan on moving it from. For the most part the most common place for ActiveX controls is C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32).

Once then, then click Start. Then Click Run. Then Type:

regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\filename.ocx
(replace with real filename)

Click Ok.

You will see a message box pop up saying the control is registerd. Now try running the program again.

Re-Installing Warning... If you re-install a newer version of the software, make sure you you rename or save to another folder any projections, league configuration or partially completed draft files you may have made.

Replacement Level

An article by Keith Woolner which explains replacement value.

An Example...
The sabermetric algorithms that the Mock Draft Software uses to evaluate players is based on the replacement level theory. Here is a very simple example explaining the basics of it.

Imagine a league that has 3 outfielders and 3 shortstops to draft, with three owners getting to select one from each of those two positions.

Your make believe outfielders are...
Player A (Value = 20)
Player B (Value = 16)
Player C (Value = 14)
Player D (Value = 11)
Player E (Value = 6)

Your 3 make believe shortstops are...
Player F (Value = 15)
Player G (Value = 9)
Player H (Value = 6)
Player I (Value = 3)
Player J (Value = 2)

The dashed line shows you where the replacement level is for each position. The value of the first player above the dashed line is the replacement value for that position. That is the minimum value any owner should be able to draft at that position (14 for outfielders and 6 for shortstops). Keep in mind this is just an example to show you how the calculations work, the value distribution is not very likely.

Now, to calculate the Replacement Level Value for each player, simply subtract from his value the replacement level at his position.

Player A (RPV) = 20 - 14 = 6
Player B (RPV) = 16 - 14 = 2
Player C (RPV) = 14 - 14 = 0
Player D (RPV) = 11 - 14 = -3
Player E (RPV) = 6 - 14 = -8

Player F (RPV) = 15 - 6 = 9
Player G RPV) = 9 - 6 = 3
Player H (RPV) = 6 - 6 = 0
Player I (RPV) = 3 - 6 = -3
Player J (RPV) = 2 - 6 = -4

You can see from this example, that Player F has the highest RPV (replacement value) of 9. If you had the first pick in this 6 player draft (3 OFs, 3 SSs) your best bet would be to draft Player F. You are atleast gauranteed Player C in a snake draft at the other position. This would give you players of value 15 + 14 = 29, which couldn't be beat as long as everyone drafted the best available player.

Let's look at how the draft would go using RPV. Each owner must draft 1 player at each of the two positions, of course in a real league there would be more than 2 positions involved, more fantasy owners and a larger player pool. That is why it's important to have a computer do all the calculations for you.

Owner #1: Selects Player F (Value = 15)
Owner #2: Selects Player A (Value = 20)
Owner #3: Selects Player G (Value = 9)
Owner #3: Selects Player B (Value = 16)
Owner #2: Selects Player C (Value = 6)
Owner #1: Selects Player H (Value = 14)

Owner #1: Team value of = 15+14 = 29
Owner #2: Team value of = 20+6 = 26
Owner #3: Team value of = 9+16 = 25

By using the Replacment Value Algorithm Owner #1 was able to draft the strongest team of the three, even though he passed on the player with the highest value (Player A) with the first overall pick.

How to get my team rated using draft software program:
1) Load the league config file (Yahoo, if a yahoo public league)
2) Load hitters file (hitters05)
3) Load pitchers file (pitchers05)
4) Set draft sequence to 'Out of Order'
5) Set Draft Type to 'Manually select all players'
6) Set bench size to 5
7) Turn on bench stats
8) Click 'select team' tab
9) Click the check box of the team you want to draft for.
10) Click 'Draft' tab
11) Mock draft start
12) In the list box select the team you chose to draft for.
13) Draft the players that are on your team until roster is full
14) Set draft type to 'Computer drafts for all teams'
15) In the list box select the first team, or if you are the first team, select the 2nd team.
16) if you want computer to draft like a person, select use Default ESPN rankings... default is computer drafts using artificial intelligence algorithms.
17) Mock draft start... now computer will draft for the remaining teams until all teams are full

Click standings tab, and watch standings update.

Posted by xeifrank: Mar 3 at 11:59 PM

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